Cylinder components are cleaned and assembled in a specialized clean room. This dedicated area is temperature controlled and isolated from the manufacturing facility. Stringent emphasis and priority is given to cleanliness as an ongoing effort to maintain contamination control during cylinder assembly.


Testing procedures and pressures are dependent upon various design requirements and specification, but all West Craft cylinders are 100% pressure tested after assembly to 1.5 times their rated pressure certification. Each cylinder is stamped and date coded as per the customer specification, helping to ensure product identification and product accountability.

Cleanliness standards

A culture of cleanliness is the foundation of West Craft’s oil maintenance program. Constant filtration within secondary systems help to maintain the ISO 4406 (19/17/14) standard requirements. We understand the hydraulic system complexities of our customers and hold oil cleanliness in the highest regard. Our standard monitoring procedures define our processes of checks and balances. Internal audits and testing help to validate our standard procedures for true oil maintenance that is second to none.

Testing Documentation

When requested, all documentation relating to an individual order, shipment, or group of individual cylinders can be provided to the customer for future reference.

fluid Testing

fluid Testing

Assembly Parts