The heart of West Craft Manufacturing is a constant attention to detail for effective and improved manufacturing methods. Our use of the most advanced manufacturing methods and state of the art machine tools ensures a quality product produced in the most efficient manner. Through the use of cellular methods and employee teamwork, a lean environment dedicated to cutting waste and improving processes is the core of every project.

Size Range and Manufacturing Capabilities:

Pressure:Designs to 10k psi
Bore Size:1" to 36"
Overall Length:30 feet
Testing:100% Testing to ISO 19/17/14 cleanliness standards. Continuous monitoring of oil particulate count.
Standard Design:3 to 1 safety factor
Materials:All MTR’s available / full material traceability
Integrated Options: Flow control, load holding, & counterbalance valve options
Linear Position devices
Pressure and Limit switches
Rod and Base end cushioned designs
Sub Sea (all stainless and nickel plating)
Anode Integration
Special Seal configurations

Styles of products routinely manufactured:

  • Single stage cylinders (both single and double acting)
  • Single and double acting telescopic (small and large bore)
  • Double end cylinders
  • Piggyback design
  • Mill Type cylinders
  • Tie Rod cylinders
  • Accumulators
  • Marine grade steering cylinders (WWC product line)
  • Standard dimension welded product lines (WSC and WBC)


All welders are trained in strict accordance and standards within specified AWS codes. Both manual and automated welding procedures are employed relevant to the design and quantities involved. A progressive Quality assurance program ensures all welds are of consistent quality and integrity.