West Craft Manufacturing is about its people. As a Cylinder Service Provider, our employees are the ones who bring value to our clients. We look for individuals who are good team players plus trendsetters and go-getters. We ensure that we recruit the best and provide an environment where they can be challenged to produce their best.

We care about people’s capability maturity as much as our process maturity. This commitment translates to providing the structure, guidance, and opportunity to continually upgrade the technical and business skills of our employees. We do not draw limitations for our employees, we let them chose their career enhancement path. West Craft's personnel policies are aimed at furthering development of a person as a whole, for we believe strong individual makes a strong team.

Our Recruiting Process pulls from a global pool of talent. All our employees go through a stringent selection process and receive the necessary training to meet the challenges of a global workplace.

We are the best hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder provider because of our people.